About Cargo

The Air Cargo Club Of Madras gracefully came into existence at the behest of scores (a number of) members of the region in the Air Transport field with the sole purpose of promoting the noble spirit of fraternity among the entire air cargo industries globally and thus ethically remaining a non-profit body with no pecuniary interest.

Ready to get started

Here is an association striving to permeate fragrance of mutual affinity and to develop and promote the spirit and value of unity that enriches the affable nature of mutual understanding among the entire fraternity at all times.
The very primary purpose of venturing out to establish this body of association stemed out of the common interest to pave the road to success in enhancing and enriching the business acumen, the application of advanced technologies in the methodology and procedural improvements in the air cargo industries by educating and imparting lessons, directions and guidance through both audio and visual communications , arranging frequent debates, and organizing seminars for cerebral interactions at various centers, apart from providing reliable guidance and constructive suggestions on matters pertaining to the industry..